The company's Go to Market strategy for new target markets

Does your company have a new idea or a complete product that you would like to test in a new market, but you don’t know how? We have extensive experience in launching services, product ideas and products. Let's get to work together!

Do you need idea validation of whether your product really has a commercial potential? Would you like to hear from people who have already published multiple products, product lines or brands? With our experience and the Shopify online store, you can agilely test market demand!

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Let’s validate your ideas together and increase your online sales! We don’t work with gut feeling; what we do is always based on data.


SWOT analyses

We start by doing SWOT analyses and going through them with you. 
You will receive active feedback from our experts, who will be happy to discuss more with you.


Market mapping and competitor analysis

Together we go through the market situation, potential customers and price points.


Building a roadmap

We will build a roadmap for the next 12 months. The roadmap includes tasks and things to consider when launching a product. We help you to avoid big pitfalls and the most common mistakes.


From idea to product timeline

What, when and how? When should you order products to stock? What product data do you need to support sales?


MONEY: Launch budgeting

What does the launch cost? What should you prepare for? Can you get financial support for your idea?


How to combine the launch with Shopify online store?

How do you get a working online store for a new product or service? How do you scale growth? Or if you already have an online store, how do you harness it into market testing?

Woolman’s team of experts at your service

  • You get Woolman’s experienced growth team to support you and help you conquer the world
  • We are true professionals in online growth
  • Our customers rely on our strong professionalism and richness of ideas.


We got practical help with our launch from Woolman. We are really product-oriented ourselves, so the commercial perspective sharpened our minds! It really made the process a lot easier and finding new customers surprisingly agile and fast!

Matias P


We are happy to tell you more and map the marketing needs of your online store.

Let's find the marketing services that best support your business.




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eCommerce Growth Strategist
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