How to react to COVID-19 second wave?

How to react to COVID-19 second wave?

We have collected and analyzed e-commerce data of over 50 iconic Nordic brands during the pandemic. 
In this Webinar we will share key learnings from last spring and introduce one actual brand case.
Gain insight, clarify your plans and get answers.

Learn from the data of iconic brands

Get data-based insights on commercial effects of the pandemic and how you should react to the second wave.

Gain valuable business insight

Understand better how pandemic affects your business and what you can do about it.

Concrete tips for the uncertain situation

We will share the lessons learned and give actual advice to manage your digital business better.


Mikko Rekola
Lead Growth Hacker at Woolman

Mikko Rekola has over 12 years of experience in various ecommerce companies both in the B2C and B2B world. He has been part of the global success story of Finnish Baby Box and worked as a ecommerce manager for several Nordic brands. Today Mikko together with his team helps Woolman's customers to growth and expand globally.

Teemu Tolonen
Merchant, New Business Development & Partner at Woolman

Teemu Tolonen turned his passion into e-commerce business. Today, he serves as a merchant in a fly-fishing brand SpeyBrothers and helps other e-commerce businesses to grow in Woolman's ranks. During his time in Woolman, Teemu has worked with over 100 online stores. From global CPG brands to new DNVB start-ups, Teemu specialises in  finding the keys to growth and boosting new digital business models.

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