Growth Rocket:
Leading with data in e-commerce

In the Growth Rocket service, e-commerce is evaluated holistically. The goal is to take sales to a new level and remove additional barriers. The focus is on the data of the store and the fact that those who work with e-commerce focus on the right things in everyday life. In the Growth Rocket, you get an experienced e-commerce expert to help with situation mapping and practical implementation of the next steps.

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Why choose the Growth Rocket?


Quick actions 

You will receive assignments that will help you increase sales and improve the operation of the store after the first workshop.


From data to added value

You will learn how to read e-commerce data that seems complicated. You will also understand how to avoid mistakes and find out what figures you really want to follow.


Support growth

An expert will help you go through the bottlenecks and developments in your store. These are presented clearly and our experts will suggest solutions to possible problems.


The right content in the right place

We will review customer behaviour in the store and the importance of the customer journey. Is it moving fast or slow? Together, we ensure that the content is used logically.


Using campaigns 

Together we will go through how to get the most out of your campaigns and how to test concepts in marketing. The goal is long-term and predictable growth, and we take the whole year into account.


Client testimonials

"Absolutely awesome!"

"It was nice to do this with the whole team — we learned a lot"

"The E-commerce games were the best. I've never done such fun tasks that were genuinely rewarding!"

Growth rocket service 

During the workshops, we will go into the following themes together:

  • How to process e-commerce data and why Shopify Analytics
  • What should you focus on and what is less important?
  • What key figures should be monitored and how?
  • From daily sales to bigger trends and the factors that affect them
  • Putting the customer first and the basics of continual improvement
  • Different buyer personas - how to put them into practice?
  • Managing uncertainty - Returns, Campaigns, and Understanding Demand

There are interactive e-commerce games that activate participants. At least one game is played in each meeting.

The idea is to involve everyone working in e-commerce and think about how things should be done differently. The games will provide concrete development ideas, which will be worked on together in the future.





Absolutely awesome! We couldn’t imagine things like this happening in our store. Complex technical stuff was presented easily and approachably. It was also great that we go to solve problems together.

Mirjam Sokka

Kaiko Clothing Oy

We have learned and at the same time grown hugely as merchants. We have received full support and help from Woolman to make us e-commerce professionals.

Sami Salonen

Joutsen Finland Oy

We are happy to tell you more and map the marketing needs of your online store.

Let's find the marketing services that best support your business.




Heli Torniainen

eCommerce Growth Strategist
+358 50 586 9611

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