Ecommerce SEO for Shopify

Online presence without search engine optimization, SEO in short, is like driving a car without navigation; you’ll end up driving around randomly with no idea how to get to your destination.

SEO is an absolute necessity to all ecommerce brands wanting to reach their online business goals, regardless of the product or niche. The number one goal of this Ecommerce SEO service is driving more sales to your Shopify store. Our dedicated team can take care of all of your optimization needs. Our track record consists of working with some of the top European D2C brands and increasing their visibility on all major search engines.

We have years of experience in search engine optimization, whether technical, on-page, auditing, copywriting, etc. Together with our deep understanding of both Shopify and ecommerce on a general level, we're able to help our clients grow beyond their expectations. 

Our team of ecommerce SEO experts will take your organic visibility to another level so you can cash in more often.

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Why invest in Ecommerce SEO for Shopify


Improve your rankings on Google

Provide relevant and optimized content targeted to your audience. Increase your site's visibility on Google search results. Make sure you are discovered on all of your primary markets and different keyword components.


Increase quality traffic

Customers prefer to click on organic search results over paid advertising. Increase the amount of quality traffic with SEO and bring more customers to your store. As Shopify experts, we will give you hands-on advice on how to put this into action in your store.


Save money

Organic traffic is free. Also, it will continue growing and climbing in the search results with zero ad spend. It's low-hanging fruit for most brands with easily measurable improvements in cash flow!


Improve conversion rates

Search engine optimized content supports paid advertising. Put this super duo into action, and you'll see significant growth in sales.


More happy customers

Avoid frustrated customers and minimize immediate bounce rates. Make sure your site is fast enough and easy to use on different devices from an SEO perspective.


Industry expert help

Get hands-on help and tips from SEO professionals with years of experience in growing organic traffic and sales. We’re a Shopify Plus partner agency with in-depth knowledge of the platform. So you’re in good hands.

Shopify Ecommerce SEO:


With this Shopify Ecommerce SEO service, you will see the effects of search engine optimization first-hand and what that means for the growth of your business. First, we will run a comprehensive SEO audit to detect any issues on your Shopify stores. Then, we'll develop a plan to improve your store's online visibility and rankings based on our findings. 

Depending on the issues detected, we can help, e.g., by conducting a keyword research, creating a link-building strategy, writing optimized content to your store, or improving the usability and readability of your store with technical optimization


Make sure your ecommerce SEO is top-grade. Contact our team of experts today!

"Your SEO audit helped us focus on the right details within content creation. It was of very impressive quality and easily matches the quality of any of our previous analyses done by top European digital marketing agencies. Absolute plus was your top-notch Shopify knowledge as the advice was easy to adapt directly to our theme!"

D2C apparel brand selling to 13 countries with Shopify Plus

"With the expertise and industry insights from Woolman's SEO team, we were able to increase the organic traffic of our online store by 64%!"

Fastest growing online pharmacy in Finland


We are happy to tell you more and map the marketing needs of your online store.

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