Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

Do you know your position in Google search results? Do you want to increase the visibility of your products and services? Are you wondering how to increase organic traffic and what to take into account when optimizing your ecommerce?

With our service, you will understand the importance of search engine optimization for the operation and growth of your ecommerce business. We help you increase the amount of organic traffic to your site and create search engine friendly content. Together, we make a plan of how the site and its content will be developed. In addition, we look at the desktop and mobile usability of the site, as well as the site speed. Based on the analysis, we make suggestions on how to improve usability and readability of the site.

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Why invest to ecommerce Search Engine Optimization


Improve the visibility of your online store

By providing content that interests your customers, you respond to the searches they do and increase the visibility of your site in organic results.


Increase the quality traffic

Developing organic visibility is worthwhile. Customers prefer to click on organic search results over paid advertising. Thus, the quality of traffic also increases.


Don't pay for unnecessary clicks

Organic visibility and the traffic you get through it is a free and profitable investment that pays itself back many times over.


Improve conversion

Search engine optimized content supports paid advertising. When this whole is in balance, the conversion will improve and your ecommerce will grow!


Usability reduces frustration

Through search engine optimization, you ensure that your site is fast enough and easy to use on different devices. This will avoid frustrated customers and minimize immediate bounce rates.


Coach to growth

Get hands-on help and tips from ecommerce and search engine optimization professionals with years of experience in growing e-commerce businesses.

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization:

In this service we dive into three important areas for search engine optimization:

1. Technical audit
  • Reviewing the online store from a technical point of view
  • Testing the site speed, usability, and readability across different devices
  • Searching whether there are broken links, competing URLs, or other needs for technical improvements
2. Site authority
  • Reliability of the site from a search engine perspective
  • The authority of the site compared to competitors
  • The domains that link to your site and their authority
  • Investigation of broken links that should be fixed
  • Is the content on your site shared on social media?
  • Site domain age
3. Content and visibility
  • The current position of your site in the Google search results
  • What search terms should your site use to be listed in the search and how can this be improved?
  • What search terms do customers use to search for your services or products?
  • We give you suggestions on what content to create and what search terms to add to your site to improve your visibility:
    • Correct naming of products
    • Compiling URLs according to best practice
    • The amount of text on the site
    • Easy readability of the text
    • Titles, descriptions and their main search terms
    • SEO-title and SEO-description
    • Proper naming of image files
    • Internal links on the site


We are happy to tell you more and map the marketing needs of your online store.

Let's find the marketing services that best support your business.




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