E-commerce email marketing and automation flows

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of e-commerce marketing. In this service, we teach online merchants how to make email marketing even more effective by automating it and how to best deepen the customer relationship by providing relevant content to the recipient at the right time.

To help you, we will provide you with e-commerce and marketing professionals with years of experience in growing e-commerce. We will help you implement appealing marketing!

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Increase sales with enhanced email automation!


Customer understanding

By deepening your understanding of customer relationship maintenance and customer acquisition, you know how to communicate to the right audience, in the right way and at the right time!


More sales

With email automation, you can increase your e-commerce sales effectively. Automation also frees up more of your time.


Support growth

You will get hands-on help and tips from e-commerce and marketing professionals with years of experience in growing e-commerce.


Marketing techniques

Email marketing is not meant to irritate the recipient but instead bring real added value and deepen the customer relationship. We show how this should be done and how the most successful online marketers are already taking advantage of these.


Exploiting the seasons

We will tell you how to take advantage of discounts, new arrivals and product withdrawals in your newsletter by connecting it directly to your own online store selection. We will give you some easy tips for planning your campaigns.


Develop in an instant

We help you to get started and go through the tools to send single newsletters or automations that send messages based on customer behaviour and lifecycle.

E-commerce email marketing and automation

  • Implemented as a close workshop in cooperation with the client, duration 6 hours (3h + 3h)
  • We deepen the customer's expertise in email marketing
  • During the workshop, we will build two different automations with the customer
  • After the workshop, the customer will have the ability to build various efficient automations independently 
  • If necessary, we can also help in the form of a continual service that creates several more complex automations — feel free to ask for more!

What will you learn with this service?

  • Various automation options and where to start
  • The structure and content of a good message— best practices
  • How to test the effectiveness of content
  • Dividing recipients into different segments — how and why?
  • How to adjust the automatic settings. When to trust the default settings and when to make changes
  • How to get more subscribers to your email list
  • How to read the results achieved and how to use this data in the future
The continuous development of email automation has brought significantly more sales to my store. The shift from individual newsletters to broader automation has increased efficiency. And praises from customers too!


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We are happy to tell you more and map the marketing needs of your online store.

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