D2C - Ecommerce Financial Forecasting

Are you just starting with your ecommerce and financial forecasts seem to be impossible to make? Are you wondering how much resources should you spend on customer acquisition and what kind of results should that bring to you in the long run?

In this program we take a look at your ecommerce from financial point of view. This service is made for new ecommerce owners who want to learn how to track your future cash flow and sales. Our main tool is the Cohort-model that we use to analyze the effect of customer acquisition’s costs and to create financial forecasts. Starting your own business always has uncertainties, especially from financial point of view. Our service and the model we utilize makes this process simple and clear. We provide you with webstore and webmarketing experts with years of knowledge to help you on this journey to success.


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Why you should pick our service?

You’ll get practical help and tips from the industry experts with years of experience of growing webstores. The service will allow you to better understand your numerical goals and understand which areas of your business you should focus on next.


Test your D2C key KPI's

See where you should focus and what to expect? Compare results easily with other businesses. Especially helpful when launching a new brand or updating your business model.


Support for financial planning in the long run

We offer you ready-made model for analyzing your webstores’ income and expenses. You can see how your financial develop at monthly-, quarterly- and yearly-level.


Statistics and data supporting your activities

Don’t base your choices on guesses. We’ll help you utilize data and statistics to support your decision making.


Improving your knowledge

You’ll learn to understand how customer acquisition’s costs affect the amount of new customers and transactions.


Focus on essentials

AOV, CAC, LTV - What do they mean and why are they important? We’ll provide you with the most important statistics and measurements to help measuring your webstore.


More sales

By optimizing your income- and spend structure, you can easily grow your ecommerce sales.

In practice:

  • In the workshops we go through four different models of economical forecasts about your webshop (cohort-model, monthly-model, cash flow statement and four year income statement at quarterly- and yearly level)
  • In the workshops we’ll provide you with estimates on the increase of transactions and buyers, showing you paid and organic buyers and how your ad spend can affect these estimates
  • Idea of the program is to plan the future of your webshop and how your finances could affect it
  • Ideally the easiest way to plan your finances for the future



This helped us a lot in planning our finance when we changed our business model from the brick and mortar retail to ecommerce. We now have a better understanding of how the money spent on customer acquisition affects our business. Concretely, this is reflected in the growth of our sales.

A medium-sized cosmetics brand

We are happy to tell you more and map the marketing needs of your online store.

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