E-commerce customer journey research - see your e-commerce through customers’ eyes

Do you know what's really going on in your store? Does the customer journey have bottlenecks or barriers to buying? With the help of visitor recordings and site heat maps, we create an understanding of customer behaviour and we find areas for development on your site.

Don’t guess: develop your business with factual information and increase sales!


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Why choose e-commerce customer journey research?


Exploit your store's data

Deepen your understanding of how exactly your store works.


Data in an understandable form

See data visually through the dashboard, recordings, and heatmaps.


Customer understanding

Understand how customers behave in your store so you can improve the user experience.


Data analyses

Understand better why a visitor doesn’t convert to a paying customer and take the right action in the store.


Developing the customer journey

Changes should not be made based on assumptions, but on relevant and genuinely behavioural data.


More sales

By understanding customer behaviour with data, you have the potential to increase the turnover of your store.

E-commerce customer journey research — workshops

The service consists of two workshops, which include the following themes:
  • In-depth understanding of the customer journey
  • Recommendations to develop the front page, collection page and product cards based on the recordings
  • Proposals to address identified bottlenecks and barriers to buying

Woolman’s experts have solid experience in e-commerce and e-commerce development in a number of industries.

E-commerce customer journey research as a continual service

As a continual service, a Woolman expert can regularly monitor customer behaviour and report findings and suggestions for action based on the data received on a monthly basis.

This helped us understand how the store works. It made it easier to see the real activity of customers in the store instead of just numbers!

Erkki Juhonen


Customer journey research made it easier to report to the supervisor and tracking recordings became a weekly routine for us. I recommend it!


Of a big clothing business

We are happy to tell you more and map the marketing needs of your online store.

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eCommerce Growth Strategist

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