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Pinterest as a platform has existed for years, but did you know that it’s also a powerful tool for visual marketing? 

Pinterest is used for inspiration and spending quality time around topics that interest the user. It’s popular among categories such as fashion, food, health, accessories, and home decor. The ads appear as posts within the feed, so they don’t pop up too hard or too intrusively. This is also why people are more likely to engage with Pinterest paid ads compared to other platforms.

This social media channel is free from politics or other topics that cause negative emotions. It’s a platform for good stuff only where people spend time to get inspired. Should your brand join this wonderful world of Pinterest too?

If so, our experienced growth team can help you reach the +400 million monthly Pinterest users and bring your customer acquisition to a whole new level! 


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Why choose customer acquisition on Pinterest?


Target the right audiences

Increase your sales by targeting the right audiences. Grow your business with the help of our dedicated growth team!


Boost your sales

Maximize your sales with an experienced partner in eCommerce. We help our customers grow measurably and significantly faster than the industry average.


Data-driven decisions

Incorporate data in your marketing efforts for maximum growth and stop wasting money on random ad campaigns.


Boost your marketing

We will help you boost your marketing efforts and help create awareness and recognition for your brand.


Get more from your audience

Find new customers based on their interests. Exclude unwanted traffic and avoid wasting precious time and money.


Gain knowledge

Get coaching from our team of eCommerce experts and continue successful customer acquisition on your own.

What are the benefits of Pinterest Ads?


Pinterest offers great possibilities for new customer acquisition and simplistic retargeting. Pinterest has evolved a lot during the last few years, and now it’s even easier to set up with a dedicated Shopify app. 

  • Offers a good selection of visual advertising possibilities
  • Powerful channel among females
  • Widely used across Europe and especially North America
  • Good secondary acquisition channel
  • More and more popular among design & fashion brands
  • Increasing in popularity among gen-z, millennials, and men
  • Nearly half a billion monthly users
  • Supports both images and video content

Don’t miss out on getting noticed by millions on Pinterest! Get started with Pinterest Ads today with the help of our Growth team!



With Pinterest Ads you’ll be able to inspire your target audience and make them fall in love with your brand. Not to mention the increase you’ll notice in your online sales!



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