Facebook and Instagram customer acquisition 

Do you want to take your growth to the next level? Could your advertising be more productive? Do you want to get more online sales? If you answered “yes”, this is a service to achieve your goals!

With us, you’ll learn the best practices that are based on years of experience and testing. We don't just provide reports; we’ll provide you with the practical guidance and help you to grow your own expertise as well. Our team consists of experienced online retailers and marketing professionals who are specialized in Facebook and Instagram customer acquisition in the field of ecommerce.

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Growth from customer acquisition


Gain customer understanding

Do you know who your customers are? Learn how you can get more paying customers and deepen your understanding of customers buying behavior. 


Increase sales

Our customers are growing measurably and always significantly faster than the industry average. 


Coach to growth

You will get practical help and tips from e-commerce and marketing professionals with years of experience in growing e-commerce businesses.


Channel strategy

Learn where can you find the best customers for your store and what kind of ad suits each channel.


Utilize your data

Don’t waste your money on random ads based on gut feeling — learn to read data and the facts it tells you.


Capabilities for the future!

You will learn the basics of customer acquisition and receive valuable tips that will allow you to continue advertising in the future by yourself.

Customer acquisition workshops


In carefully constructed workshops, we dive into the following topics:

  • How to structure your ad account to achieve more efficiency. 

  • Building and testing audiences 

  • How to create good ads — Best practices 

  • A/B testing 

  • Budgeting, measuring and customer lifetime value 

  • Reviewing the customer path related to advertising

  • Facebook ads manager updates and news

  • 3 months roadmap



Customer acquisition on Facebook and Instagram has improved significantly with the new lessons. We understand our customer path better. We also know how to produce ads that interest our customers even better!

Mirjam Sokka

Kaiko Clothing Oy

We had done online marketing before as well, but we wanted to deepen our expertise to suit e-commerce. The results have been very good and we have learned under Woolman's guidance how we can implement advertising effectively on our own on Facebook and Instagram.

Jetta Liukkonen

Oikiat Design Oy



We are happy to tell you more and map the marketing needs of your online store.

Let's find the marketing services that best support your business.




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eCommerce Growth Strategist

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