Advanced email marketing automation for ecommerce

Would you like to upgrade your email marketing? Do you need more advanced tools for segmentation and message personalization? Do you feel that your sales could get a boost from more effective email marketing? Do you have challenges upgrading your old system to new one? If you answered yes, this service is right for you.

This service focuses on the implementation and use of an advanced email marketing automation system, Klaviyo. The service is especially suitable for online merchants who want to develop their email marketing to an advanced level or are switching from an old system like Omnisend to Klaviyo.

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Klaviyo is suitable for companies who require from their email marketing more than what a standard system can offer. Klaviyo is an advanced automation system that takes email marketing to a next level, offering advanced tools for segmentation and targeting. It enables better personalization of messages, warm-up of lists and thus communication leading to higher customer satisfaction. Klaviyo is likely to increase sales and customer lists and improve the measurement of email marketing effectiveness.



Why to choose this service?


Professional support

Smooth and fast transition from the old email marketing system to the new one with the help of experienced professionals specialized in email marketing automation.


Best practices

We create a strategy for email marketing that supports your goals, and provide tips on best content and practices such as list building and list warm-up.


Increase sales

When done properly, email marketing will increase overall sales. In addition to new customers, this is significantly affected by the increase in the customer's life cycle value, average purchase and purchase frequency.


Boost marketing

A marketing channel that is completely under your control - so manage it properly. We help you to streamline your marketing with advanced email automation and paid advertising.


Increase customer satisfaction

Properly targeted and high-quality proactive and personalized communication increases customer engagement and customer satisfaction.


Focus on right metrics and key figures

What to focus on and how to develop? Because operations must be data-driven, we'll guide you in measuring and improving the effectiveness of your email marketing.

Advanced E-commerce email marketing and automation

The service focuses on the basics of implementing and using advanced email marketing automation. Depending on the customer's individual needs, it is possible to include additional services, such as determining a growth and email marketing strategy.

  • The project is carried out in cooperation with our growth professionals and an expert specialized in Klaviyo.
  • Design and implementation of Klaviyo deployment
  • Transfer of customer data between systems
  • Support during the implementation 
  • Instructions for creating segments and lists, and sending newsletters
  • Analysis of the current state and creation of an email marketing strategy, including the definition of key metrics and recommendations for the development of automations
  • Creating email strategy and optimizing the budget with paid advertising
  • After three months of follow-up, an audit where analyzing the results and proposing further actions

What will you learn with this service?

  • You will learn to take advantage of advanced email marketing automation as part of your business
  • How to divide recipients into segments, build personalized content, and target messages optimally?
  • How to communicate relevant content to customers in the right place and at the right time?
  • How to construct automations and transport the customer through the sales funnel?
  • How to increase the number of newsletter subscribers and increase sales through email marketing automation?

With the help of Woolman, we were able to change the email system quickly and without any problems. I’m surprised to see how fast we’ve achieved visible results and managed to increase the e-mail marketing based sales.


Middle-size clothing business

We are happy to tell you more and map the marketing needs of your online store.

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