Campaigns as an eCommerce Success Factor

Wednesday 8th of April
10 AM (EET)
Mikko Rekola
Matias Toukonen
Tahmine Mehr

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2020/04/08 03:00 AM EST

Campaigns as eCommerce Success Factor

From hasty discounts to building long-lasting customer lifecycle value. Campaigns can be more than quick sales peaks and holiday season! Join this webinar to learn how merchants have made campaigns a systematic and essential part of their ecommerce business.

Growth with effective campaigns

Merchant stories and experiences

Ideas and inspiration for your business


Matias Toukonen
Sales & marketing manager, Axla Logistics

Matias Toukonen is experienced in ecommerce, digital marketing and retail. Toukonen together with his colleague built a candy and sweets online store from scratch in Finland selling 1,7 million euros in the first full year. This was mainly achieved through fast paced campaigning, marketed through social media. Earlier Toukonen worked in various roles in Adlibrisgruppen. These days Toukonen works as sales and marketing manager at Axla Logistics, helping online retailers go global.

Mikko Rekola
Lead Growth Hacker, Woolman

Mikko Rekola has over 11 years experience in various ecommerce companies both in the B2C and B2B world. He has been part of  the global success story of Finnish Baby Box and worked as a ecommerce manager in several Nordic brands. Today Mikko helps Woolman's customers to growth and international sales. 

Tahmine Mehr
Growth Hacker, Woolman

Tahmine Mehr is a digital marketing expert and growth hacker in Woolman.  She has experience in working with successful ecommerce brands and has delivered marketing results in international and domestic customer acquisition. Before joining Woolman Tahmine has worked for Facebook.  

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